Challenger 800 Charter

Challenger 800 Charter

Challenger 800 Charter Challenger 800 Rental
87' 10

Challenger 800

Number of Seats 0  Cabin
6' 8
Range 7 hrs 4 mins
Cruise Speed 442 mph
Baggage Capacity 202 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 45' 3
Lavatory Full
8' 17

The Bombardier Challenger 800, a variant of the Bombardier Regional Jet airliner, has a 5,778 km transcontinental range. Configured to the operator's choosing, this wide body business jet offers unparalleled reliability, productivity and comfort.

The CRJ-100 series was replaced in production by the "CRJ-200", which was much the same except for fit of GE CF34-3B1 turbofans, with the same thrust levels as the CF34-3A1 but improved fuel consumption. Of course, "CRJ-200ER" and "CRJ-200LR" longer-ranged variants were introduced, as was a business jet variant, somewhat confusingly known as the "Challenger 800", later refined into the "Challenger 850".

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