Citation I Charter

Citation I Charter

Citation I Charter Citation I Rental
47' 10

Citation I

Number of Seats 1-8  Cabin
4' 9
Range 3 hrs 45 mins
Cruise Speed 400 mph
Baggage Capacity 57 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 16' 11
Lavatory Partial
4' 10

Anyone familiar with the private jet industry knows about Cessna’s line of Citation business jets: economic, private jets that consistently stand out in the market.  The Citation 1 is the single-pilot version of the original, turbo-fan-powered business jet in, what has come to be, the successful Citation family.  The original Citation, after many changes and developments, penetrated the market in 1977 due to its ability to operate out of short airfields and at modest speeds, all at a low cost.

Initial changes to the design of the Citation 1 included thrust reversers, a longer wingspan (47.1 ft.) and higher operating weights, and were conducted in the last stages of development to ensure maximum competition with other similar jets of its time.

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