Falcon 900/900C Charter

Falcon 900/900C Charter

Falcon 900/900C Charter Falcon 900/900C Rental
66' 4

Falcon 900/900C

Number of Seats 10-19  Cabin
6' 2
Range 7 hrs 24 mins
Cruise Speed 455 mph
Baggage Capacity 127 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 33' 2
Lavatory Full
7' 7

The Dassault Family creates jets with high standards of engineering, structural quality, and technological advancement.  Dassault is constantly redesigning and improving their aircraft to uphold these standards.  In the intercontinental business jet category, the tri-jet Falcon 900s excel. Introduced in 2000, the Falcon 900C is the sculpted, evolved version of its predecessor, the original Falcon 900, combining the 900B’s improvements with the innovative avionics of the 900EX.

Like its predecessors, the 900C boasts a large cabin, fit for intercontinental range accommodations.   It has room for eighteen passengers in a tight configuration, but typically seats 8-12 in a three-lounge executive arrangement.  The spacious cabin measures 6.2 feet in height (full stand-up), 7.7 feet in width, and 39 feet in length.  Amenities include a full-sized private lavatory and galley, and 127 cubic feet of passenger-accessible baggage space.

The 900C takes the performance capabilities of the successful 900B and interlocks them with the advanced systems in the superior 900EX. The Falcon 900C is a great, intercontinental business jet that upholds Dassault’s promise to present the latest and most innovative technology to the skies.

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