Westwind I Charter

Westwind I Charter

Westwind I Charter Westwind I Rental
52' 3

Westwind I

Number of Seats 6-9  Cabin
4' 9
Range 5 hrs 32 mins
Cruise Speed 415 mph
Baggage Capacity 49 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 15' 5
Lavatory Partial
4' 8

The ten-passenger Westwind I was produced in 1972 with a stretched fuselage. In 1980, IAI announced a second go-around, the Westwind II, with redesigned wings and the addition of winglets. The Westwind II used advanced technology of the time, while maintaining the price/performance ratio of its predecessor.

The cabin is relatively small but features a divan, common in larger, executive-class business jets. The Westwind II is capable of accommodating seven passengers in a four seat club and a three-seat, side-facing divan. Across from the divan is a galley/refreshment center. A full-width lavatory is also a cabin feature. The cabin measures 4.9 feet high, 4.8 feet wide and 15.9 feet long.

Although outdated, the Westwind II remains a viable option in the medium-range private jet category. Its airframe makeover is accountable for major performance improvements over its predecessor.

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