Embraer Phenom 100 Charter

Embraer Phenom 100 Charter Embraer Phenom 100 Rental
41' 0

Embraer Phenom 100

Number of Seats 1-9 Embraer Phenom 100 Cabin
4' 11
Range 1320
Endurance 3 hrs 28 mins
Cruise Speed 380 mph
Baggage Capacity 55 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 11'
Lavatory Full
5' 1

In terms of VLJs the Embraer Phenom 100 is a stunningly engineered private jet. Embraer, known for their lineage and legacy series of private jets, introduced this aircraft in 2007 to challenge rival VLJs that were currently in production. Boasting a plethora of world’s firsts in VLJs, the Phenom 100, includes the largest cabin in its category, as well as a fully enclosed lavatory with rigid door and a fully flushable toilet. Innovation didn’t stop there though, this remarkable business jet is capable of cruising at 380 kts and at a climb ceiling of 41,000 ft, this coupled with its range of 1320 nautical miles gives it more range than its direct competitors. Typically configured for 4 passengers and 2 pilots, the Phenom 100 is certified for single pilot operations. The cabin is spacious with a cabin width of 5 feet 1 inch and a cabin height of 4 feet and 11 inches, though far from the cabin height of a much more spacious mid-sized jet or large jet, this aircraft is more than spacious enough for any very light jet.

Capable of taking off and landing in under 3500 ft, the Phenom 100 allows access to smaller municipal airports, such as those only previously accessible by turboprops and pistons. The enormous 1780 lbf of thrust outputted per engine by the Pratt & Whitney PW 617F – E engines allow not only for short take-offs and landings, but also the climb rate of 3,030 ft/minute will get you to 37,000 ft cruising altitude much quicker and more comfortably than ever before.

In-cabin amenities include, but are not limited to, fully controllable windows and lights, as well as, 2 separate temperature zones for both cockpit and cabin. Light levels are the highest in-class, with the largest windows of any production VLJ. The cockpit is home to 3 12.4 inch displays as well as the latest avionics to be expected from a modern day aircraft. Home to a partial galley, as well as 55 cu. ft of baggage capacity, including 5 cu. ft of baggage capacity in the aircraft’s nose

Embraer’s Phenom 100 is a solid VLJ, allowing for short range hops to and from any airports within 1320 nmi. Perfect for air taxi services between major city pairs, this very light jet was designed by the very best. Embraer’s engineers in collaboration with Pratt & Whitney as well as BMW all came together to provide an alternative aircraft for smaller passenger counts and smaller haul flights. For business or private use and charter alike, the Phenom 100 is a solid contender, with a low cost of operation; Phenom 100s are available to charter from $1,900 to $3,700 an hour. Hourly rates depend entirely on location, as the United States’ VLJ market is much more competitive, and lacks elsewhere in the world. This aircraft combines great technologies as well as a luxurious cabin layout to offer an unbeatable experience for all customers interested in very light jets.