Sabreliner Sabre 65 Charter

Sabreliner Sabre 65 Charter Sabreliner Sabre 65 Rental

Sabreliner Sabre 65

Number of Seats 7-9 Sabreliner Sabre 65 Cabin
4' 6
Range 2890
Endurance 6 hrs 13 mins
Cruise Speed 465 mph
Baggage Capacity 43 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 19
Lavatory Full
5' 25

Long acclaimed for strength, stability and superior handling characteristics, updated Sabreliners even today can outperform many new business jets and do so at a fraction of the cost.

The Sabreliner's beginning in the late 1950's as the T-39 trainer and utility transport developed for the United States Air Force required it be built to military specifications for strength, performance and flying qualities. Those same standards were incorporated into the world's first twin-engine business jet, the Sabreliner Model 40.

The Sabre 65 has been described as “a professional's” aircraft built for those who take pride in the tools of their profession." A total of 76 Sabre 65s were built from December 1979 to October 1981 and 74 of the 76 are in operation today. Why? The Sabre 65 has all the positive attributes of the first four or five models and then some - supercritical wings, more fuel capacity and TFE731 engines. There is perhaps no better value in mid-sized aircraft on the market today.


- The Sabre 65 has true transcontinental range

- Meets Stage 3 noise requirements

- Can comfortably carry six passengers at 530 mph and 45,000 feet