Boeing 727-200 Charter

Boeing 727-200 Charter Boeing 727-200 Rental

Boeing 727-200

Number of Seats 1-173 Boeing 727-200 Cabin
Range 2140
Endurance 4 hrs 17 mins
Cruise Speed 500 mph
Baggage Capacity 1310 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 92.8'
Lavatory Full
11' 6

The 727-200 proved to be such a reliable and versatile airliner that it came to form the core of many start-up airlines' fleets. It was successful with airlines worldwide partly because of its capability to use smaller runways while still flying medium range routes. This effectively allowed airlines to attract passengers from cities with large populations but smaller airports to worldwide tourist destinations. One of the features that gave the 727-200 its ability to land on shorter runways was its unique wing design. The 727-200 is able to fly with great stability at very low speeds compared to other early jets.


-          The B727 was the first tri-jet introduced into commercial service

-          The B727 was the first commercial airplane in history to surpass the 1,000-sales mark for civil use

-          The B727 was the first airplane to have a triple-slotted flap system for superior takeoff and landing performance

-          The B727 was the first airplane to be certificated to FAA noise rules