TBM 700/850 Charter

TBM 700/850 Charter TBM 700/850 Rental
34' 11

TBM 700/850

Number of Seats 4-5 TBM 700/850 Cabin
4' 0
Range 1350
Endurance 5 hrs 33 mins
Cruise Speed 243 mph
Baggage Capacity 33 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 13' 29
Lavatory None
3' 97

Single turboprop, high-performance, 700hp, 6-7 seat-class, pressurized. Designed for business, advanced civilian and military pilot training, medical evacuation, navaid calibration, aerial photography and freight transportation. The SOCATA TBM 700 carries out its mission with the comfort and speed of business jets, but with greater flexibility and unequaled low costs.

In the late 1980's, SOCATA engineers embarked on a mission to create an original and compelling new alternative for light aviation. The concept was to combine single-engine economy and ease of operation with turboprop power and reliability. The SOCATA TBM 700 is a multi-mission, pressurized, 6-7 place cabin class airplane which delivers the speed and range of aircraft that cost much more to acquire and operate. The TBM 700 is a truly revolutionary achievement in the history of aviation.

The SOCATA TBM 700 has been designed as an all-purpose aircraft, capable of completing numerous civilian and military missions. The first high-performance, single-engine turboprop in its category, it is unequaled in the marketplace. Its low-speed performance allows for access to short runways and its high cruise speed (300 KTS) allows for very rapid flights at low cost.