MD-87 Charter

MD-87 Charter MD-87 Rental
130' 4


Number of Seats 28-135 MD-87 Cabin
6' 7
Range 2400
Endurance 5 hrs 5 mins
Cruise Speed 472 mph
Baggage Capacity 809 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 82' 7
Lavatory Full
10' 3

The MD-87 the smallest of the MD-80 Series with the same wing as other variants of the series but with a reduced fuselage length of 36.3m compared to the 41.58m of the other aircraft. In comparison with the MD-81, the -87 can accommodate thirty three passengers less, has a lower maximum payload of 629kgs less, but it can carry that payload 1204km further and hold volume is reduced by 25%, (45% with optional fuel).With optional extra fuel the MD-87 can carry one hundred and thirty passengers and typical baggage 5370 km’s.

Seventy six MD-87s were built with the first delivery on 1/11/87 and the last to SAS on 23/5/92. The operators of the largest MD-87 fleets were Iberia with twenty four and SAS with sixteen. In August 2005 sixty nine MD-87s were active.