BAC 1-11-400 Charter

BAC 1-11-400 Charter BAC 1-11-400 Rental

BAC 1-11-400

Number of Seats 18-30 BAC 1-11-400 Cabin
6' 5
Range 1100
Endurance 2 hrs 19 mins
Cruise Speed 475 mph
Baggage Capacity 534 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 59' 8
Lavatory Full
10' 3

The BAC 1-11 was developed from a Hunting Aircraft Ltd design and was one of Britain’s best-selling airliners. The first prototype flight was from Hurn in August 1963 and the initial customer was British United Airways.

This aircraft was the prototype 400 series first flown 13th July 1965, piloted by Peter Baker. It was then converted to the series 500 prototype before being converted into the series 475 prototype, which is the configuration it is currently in.

The BAC 1-11 still operates with corporate services and in 2007 an RAF Tornado pilot successfully flew a 1-11 remotely whilst simultaneously piloting his fighter and three simulated aircraft during testing of the TIARA unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) control system.