DHC-7 Dash-7 Charter

DHC-7 Dash-7 Charter DHC-7 Dash-7 Rental
80' 6

DHC-7 Dash-7

Number of Seats 46 DHC-7 Dash-7 Cabin
6' 45
Range 700
Endurance 3 hrs 5 mins
Cruise Speed 227 mph
Baggage Capacity 240 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 36' 6
Lavatory Full
8' 6

  • Developed in 1975 as a commercial airliner with short-take-off-and-landing (STOL) capabilities, de Havilland Canada's Beaver, Otter, Caribou, Buffalo and Twin Otter share this capability
    • Designed to meet noise restrictions introduced in the 1970s, it is a very quiet aircraft, despite its four turbo-prop engines



    • The 1970s oil crisis and the 1981 recession significantly affected its commercial success; in 1988, Boeing acquired de Havilland Canada and production ceased at 113 aircraft


    • Shares several similarities with the DHC Twin Otter: both are equipped with a Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 engine; both were intended for use in the 1970s Air transit service, aimed at linking city cores