DCH-8 Dash 8-102 Charter

DCH-8 Dash 8-102 Charter DCH-8 Dash 8-102 Rental
73' 19

DCH-8 Dash 8-102

Number of Seats 37 DCH-8 Dash 8-102 Cabin
6' 3
Range 925
Endurance 3 hrs 11 mins
Cruise Speed 290 mph
Baggage Capacity 130 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 29' 10
Lavatory Full
6' 79

The “de Havilland Dash 8” was launched in 1980 as a larger successor to the highly successful Twin Otter and a more fuel-efficient and advanced technological alternative to the Dash 7. It is built as rugged, reliable aircraft for high-frequency and short-haul regional airline operations with its unique STOL capability.

The first flight for Dash 8-100 was on June 29 1983 and it entered service in December 1984 with Torontair in Canada.

The 50 to 56 seat version series 300 was launched in 1986 as a higher-capacity alternative to the 100.

In 1995 the Dash 8-400 rolled-out. This aircraft with increased speed and range was built for 70 to 78 passengers.

Bombardier de Havilland Dash 8s is now called 8Qs and Q stands for Quiet as the aircrafts is equipped with special sound suppressing devices.