Hawker 700/700A Charter

Hawker 700/700A Charter Hawker 700/700A Rental
50' 9

Hawker 700/700A

Number of Seats 6-14 Hawker 700/700A Cabin
5' 9
Range 1900
Endurance 4 hrs 31 mins
Cruise Speed 420 mph
Baggage Capacity 40 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 21' 3
Lavatory Full
6' 0
The Hawker 700 is uniquely noted as a quiet mid size jet with advanced avionics and high performance quality. The Hawker 700 is perfect for small to long range flights. Without the noise volume that some business jets produce, the Hawker 700 is capable of entry into any airport nationally or worldwide. The Hawker 700 is also noted for its wider cabin; up to 6W x 5.7H x 21.3L (in feet). The Hawker 700 easily seats eight passengers, travels at 450 mph, and has a range of 1,950 miles.

The Hawker 700 is known for its high performance quality. Whether you have a short or a long range flight, the Hawker 700 is a perfect choice. With our Ptivate Jet Charter, you have the freedom to choose private jet model for each charter flight, including the Hawker 700.