Bae ATP Charter

Bae ATP Charter Bae ATP Rental


Number of Seats 64-68 Bae ATP Cabin
6' 3
Range 985
Endurance 3 hrs 41 mins
Cruise Speed 268 mph
Baggage Capacity 420 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 63'
Lavatory Full
8' 4

The ATP features fuel efficient PW126 engines, 6-bladed low vibration propellers and a modern interior with high passenger appeal.

The cabin interior offers a versatile mix of seating accommodation and galley and toilet facilities. Extensive baggage stowage areas fore and aft of the cabin are complemented by the large overhead stowage bins.


- Structural integrity

- Well equipped flight deck

- Constant development

- Simple flying controls

- Full ice protection

- Environmental control system

- Quiet efficient powerplants

- Low noise characteristics

- Landing Gear