Piper Cheyenne II Charter

Piper Cheyenne II Charter Piper Cheyenne II Rental
34' 7

Piper Cheyenne II

Number of Seats 1-6 Piper Cheyenne II Cabin
4' 3
Range 1408
Endurance 6 hrs 38 mins
Cruise Speed 212 mph
Baggage Capacity 37 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 8' 4
Lavatory Full
4' 2

The Piper Cheyenne II is a light, cabin-class, twin engine turboprop business aircraft configured as a cantilever low-wing monoplane with conventional tail. The airframe is of aluminum monocoque construction.

The retractable tricycle landing gear has one wheel on each unit. Entry to the cabin is provided by a single-piece airstair door on the port side, aft of the wing. Wingtip fuel tanks, accommodating 609 lbs. of fuel, are standard on the Cheyenne II, bringing the total fuel capacity to 2,559 lbs.

The Cheyenne II is equipped with a stability augmentation system consisting of an elevator-downloading spring whose tension varies depending upon angle of attack. This SAS was incorporated to improve pitch handling in the high-power/low-airspeed regime associated with takeoff and initial climb.

You can land it in a short farm field, a small lake or a tiny patch of gravel in the middle of a river. For many a bush pilot today, the Piper Cub remains the ride of choice for these reasons.