Fokker 100 VIP Charter

Fokker 100 VIP Charter Fokker 100 VIP Rental
116' 5

Fokker 100 VIP

Number of Seats 19-35 Fokker 100 VIP Cabin
6' 6
Range 1450
Endurance 3 hrs 9 mins
Cruise Speed 460 mph
Baggage Capacity 410 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 82' 1
Lavatory Full
10' 1

Fokker's largest aircraft ever built, the Fokker 100, is a two-engined 100 passenger jet airliner. It was developed from the F28 Fellowship, which was stretched and modernized in many ways

The F100 VIP charter planes can accommodate 52 guests in a full Business leather class. Maximum range of 5 hours private jet flight non-stop with a cruising speed of 850 km/h. It drew the attention of some of the big airlines in the USA, like American Airlines (ordering 75) and US Airways (40).