Fokker 50 Charter

Fokker 50 Charter Fokker 50 Rental
82' 10

Fokker 50

Number of Seats 48-56 Fokker 50 Cabin
6' 4
Range 1110
Endurance 3 hrs 53 mins
Cruise Speed 286 mph
Baggage Capacity 370 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 52' 4
Lavatory Full
2' 1

Powered by two turboprop engines, with six-bladed propellors, the Fokker 50 aircraft offers an excellent combination of comfort and reliability.

The cabin configuration allows room for a maximum of 50 passengers and offers ample legroom and leather seating.

Launched in 1992, the Avro RJ85 regional jet has been an influential player in the development of regional air transport.

Powered by Honeywell LF 507 turbofan engines, it is specifically designed to perform on shorter runways, essential for CityJet's operation into airports like London City Airport.

CityJet Avro RJ85 aircraft are equipped with the most up-to-date flight deck and navigation systems, and all-weather landing capability. Passengers enjoy sculpted leather seating improved standard seat pitch and enhanced baggage stowage space in the cabin.