Piper Cheyenne I Charter

Piper Cheyenne I Charter Piper Cheyenne I Rental
34' 7

Piper Cheyenne I

Number of Seats 5-7 Piper Cheyenne I Cabin
4' 3
Range 1170
Endurance 4 hrs 37 mins
Cruise Speed 253 mph
Baggage Capacity 32 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 8' 4
Lavatory Full
4' 2

The Cheyenne I is normally configured to seat six passengers in addition to the pilot, including one occupant in the right seat on the flight deck. The cabin seating is commonly arranged in a four-seat club, with an individual fifth seat aft, opposite the airstair door.

The Cheyenne IA offers an enlarged nose baggage compartment, now large enough to accommodate golf clubs, in addition to smaller and lighter cabinetry, resulting in a slight improvement in interior space.

The Piper Cheyenne I is a light, cabin-class, twin engine turboprop business aircraft configured as a cantilever low-wing monoplane with conventional tail. The airframe is of aluminum monocoque construction. Entry to the cabin is provided by a single-piece air stair door on the port side, aft of the wing.