Quest Kodiak Charter

Quest Kodiak Charter Quest Kodiak Rental
34' 2

Quest Kodiak

Number of Seats 6-9 Quest Kodiak Cabin
4' 9
Range 1032
Endurance 5 hrs 56 mins
Cruise Speed 174 mph
Baggage Capacity 51 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 15' 10
Lavatory Full
4' 6

Still need to get there even when the weather isn’t? The TKS Ice Protection System on the KODIAK allows you to make those wintertime “Go/No-Go” decisions with confidence. This system offers a level of ice protection unsurpassed by any other method.

The end result is an ice protection system that has the major advantage of providing anti-ice capability as well as de-ice capability, thus maintaining aircraft performance in the icing environment. With all of the KODIAK’s leading edges protected by Titanium Porous Panels that weeps a mixture of glycol and alcohol, a large 16.3 gallon fluid reservoir and redundant pumps, ice doesn’t stand a chance against the KODIAK.