Citation Bravo Charter

Citation Bravo Charter Citation Bravo Rental
47' 3

Citation Bravo

Number of Seats 2-10 Citation Bravo Cabin
4' 7
Range 1500
Endurance 3 hrs 46 mins
Cruise Speed 464 mph
Baggage Capacity 73 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 16' 0
Lavatory Partial
4' 8

The Bravo has several baggage compartments with a combined capacity of seventy-three cubic feet, or about seven suitcases, four golf bags, and a few sets of skis.  There is a convenient compartment beside the cabin lavatory for coats and carry-on items, and all of the seats have storage drawers beneath them.

Cessna put an end to cabin pressurization problems in the Bravo by increasing the pressurization to 9.1 psi and installing a digital pressurization controller.  It also equipped the cockpit with systems providing traffic avoidance information, weather radar and digital maps.

With its long-flights advantage, some examples of non-stop flights include New York to Miami, Los Angeles to San Francisco, and Aspen to Southern California.