Learjet 40/40XR Charter

Learjet 40/40XR Charter Learjet 40/40XR Rental
55' 5

Learjet 40/40XR

Number of Seats 6-8 Learjet 40/40XR Cabin
4' 9
Range 1692
Endurance 3 hrs 40 mins
Cruise Speed 462 mph
Baggage Capacity 50 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 17' 7
Lavatory Partial
5' 1

Boasting the fastest time-to-climb and certified to fly higher than any aircraft in its class, the Learjet 40* XR* aircraft outperforms the competition even under the most challenging conditions. Shorter takeoff distances enable access to more airports. High-performance engines allows nonstop flights to more cities. A roomier cabin carries more people and more baggage. And because it soars above commercial airline traffic and turbulent weather – it gets you safely and efficiently to more of the places you want to be.

The Learjet 40XR stands out in the world of light private jets, most likely because of its renowned heritage.  It flies long distances quickly and even provides enough room for optimal passenger comfort. Like its sibling, the Lear 40XR is a jet that deserves the hype.