Sabreliner Sabre 60 Charter

Sabreliner Sabre 60 Charter Sabreliner Sabre 60 Rental

Sabreliner Sabre 60

Number of Seats 7-9 Sabreliner Sabre 60 Cabin
4' 7
Range 1650
Endurance 3 hrs 36 mins
Cruise Speed 459 mph
Baggage Capacity 43 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 19
Lavatory Full
5' 3

Building upon the track record established by the Sabre 40, the Sabre 60 arrived on the scene in 1967. From 1967 until 1979, 131 Model 60s were delivered, plus 14 Sabre 60SCs. Like the Sabre 40, the Sabre 60 and 60SC also have Pratt & Whitney JT-12A-8 engines, exceptional performance characteristics and the combination of ruggedness, comfort and handling. The SC version (which stands for Sabreliner Conversion) holds more fuel than the Sabre 60 and is equipped with heated wing leading edges, different flaps, spoilers and supercritical wings.


- The later Model 60s were built to 30,000 hours/15,000 missions vs. the earlier 60s and all 40s which were built to 10,000 hours

- They are designated as Sabre 60 ELXM (Extended Life Excluding Missions).