Sabreliner Sabre 75A/80 Charter

Sabreliner Sabre 75A/80 Charter Sabreliner Sabre 75A/80 Rental

Sabreliner Sabre 75A/80

Number of Seats 7-9 Sabreliner Sabre 75A/80 Cabin
5' 5
Range 1678
Endurance 3 hrs 39 mins
Cruise Speed 459 mph
Baggage Capacity 47 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 19
Lavatory Full
5' 25

1974 was the year the first Model 80 was delivered to N.L. Industries, Inc. From 1974 to 1979, 72 Sabre 75A/80 aircraft were manufactured. Like the Model 75, the Sabre 75A/80 also is outfitted with spacious and comfortable six-foot ceilings in the passenger cabin. But unlike the Model 75, it is powered by General Electric's CF700-2D-S engines, giving it 4,500 pounds of thrust.

The commercial fleet of Sabreliner aircraft has an incomparable record of safe, dependable transportation. Passengers enjoy its comfortable, spacious interior and smooth ride. Pilots like Sabreliner's reliability and handling characteristics and some say it's the best plane in its class ever to fly.

Bottom line: no other business jet in its class delivers the same quality, comfort and performance at comparable pricing.