Falcon 900DX Charter

Falcon 900DX Charter Falcon 900DX Rental
66' 4

Falcon 900DX

Number of Seats 10-16 Falcon 900DX Cabin
6' 2
Range 4100
Endurance 9 hrs 1 mins
Cruise Speed 455 mph
Baggage Capacity 127 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 33' 2
Lavatory Full
7' 8

With 44 years in the industry, Dassault-Aviation’s Falcon family is comprised of highly-reputable, two- or three-engine business jets.  Evolved from the original long-range Falcon 900, the Falcon 900DX is just one step down from the top-performing EX. Offering all but a few of the EX’s competitive performance capabilities, the Falcon 900DX was introduced in 2005 and continues to be manufactured today.

Enjoying the same speed, size and comfort as its prominent sibling, the Falcon 900DX is everything you need, and a few things you simply want, in a long-range business jet. It offers a rivaled cabin volume and performance only achieved by three engines to adequately accommodate your private jet travel.

The Falcon 900DX also shares its advanced EASy cockpit system with the EX. Integrated into Honeywell’s Primus Epic suite, EASy features four 14-inch Primus Epic screens in a T arrangement. Increased precision and crew coordination are direct benefits.