Falcon 900EX Charter

Falcon 900EX Charter Falcon 900EX Rental
66' 4

Falcon 900EX

Number of Seats 9-17 Falcon 900EX Cabin
6' 2
Range 4500
Endurance 9 hrs 53 mins
Cruise Speed 455 mph
Baggage Capacity 127 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 33' 2
Lavatory Full
7' 7

Dassault, a company known for having high standards of  engineering, structural quality, and technological advancement, made an impact  on the heavy-iron private jet market with the Falcon 900.  Ten years later, they improved an already-great private jet and introduced the Falcon 900EX.

The cabin of the Falcon 900EX is huge.  It is 6.1 feet high, 7.7 feet wide, 39 feet long (not including the cockpit), and has a total volume of 1,264 cubic feet.  Standard seating is between eight and twelve passengers in a double-club configuration and a three-person divan.  Two seats can be reclined and combined to make a full-length bed.  Otherwise all of the seats are fully adjustable, can move along a track, swivel, recline, and everything else a seat could feasibly do.  Console tables come standard, and there is room for virtually any piece of equipment – computer, copier, scanner, TV, desk, and so on.  Even with the tables and seats, there is plenty of room to walk around the cabin.

No matter how you look at it, the Dassault Falcon 900EX is an impressive private jet.  With ranges of over 5,000 miles, an incredibly comfortable cabin, and an innovative three-engine configuration, it is an enviable machine.  It is ideal for transoceanic and transcontinental trips and offers great versatility in flight planning.