Cessna 401 Charter

Cessna 401 Charter Cessna 401 Rental
33' 9

Cessna 401

Number of Seats 4-7 Cessna 401 Cabin
4' 9
Range 1102
Endurance 5 hrs 16 mins
Cruise Speed 209 mph
Baggage Capacity 60 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 13'
Lavatory None
5' 0

The Cessna 401 respectively Cessna 402 is a twin-engined six- to ten-seat light corporate and utility aircraft with retractable landing gear produced by the US-American manufacturer Cessna Aircraft Company. The Cessna 401 and 402 are series of 6 to 10 place, light twin, piston engine aircraft. This line was manufactured by Cessna from 1966 to 1985 under the name Utiliner and Businessliner. All seats are easily removable so that the aircraft can be used in an all-cargo configuration. The Cessna 401 and 402 were developments of the Cessna 411. 

Some aircraft of the Cessna series have a propeller synchrophaser to reduce cabin noise and vibration.The Cessna 401s, 402s, 402As and some 402Bs built from 1966 to 1971 had four small oval windows, which gave the aircraft a similar appearance to the pressurized Cessna 340.