Cessna Caravan Charter

Cessna Caravan Charter Cessna Caravan Rental
52' 1

Cessna Caravan

Number of Seats 1-19 Cessna Caravan Cabin
4' 3
Range 960
Endurance 5 hrs 11 mins
Cruise Speed 185 mph
Baggage Capacity 50 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 12' 7
Lavatory None
5' 2

A 4 feet (1.2 m) stretch of the Caravan I, the 208B features a more powerful PT6A-114A engine. The Cessna Caravan is an unpressurized single-engine high wing turboprop aircraft with fixed landing gear. The aircraft can accommodate up to 14 persons including a minimum crew of one. Suitable allowance for luggage and optional equipment is also provided.

The Cessna Grand Caravan is the ideal aircraft for any African flying safari. It flies low and slow for optimum sight seeing along your journey and operation into unpaved runways. Powered by the reliable Pratt & Whitney PT6 turbine engine, this aircraft will fly you with your family and friends into the heart of Southern Africa in opulent luxury along with all your travel gear safely stowed in the generous cargo pod.