Gulfstream G300 Charter

Gulfstream G300 Charter Gulfstream G300 Rental
88' 4

Gulfstream G300

Number of Seats 7-14 Gulfstream G300 Cabin
6' 1
Range 3600
Endurance 7 hrs 51 mins
Cruise Speed 459 mph
Baggage Capacity 169 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 45' 1
Lavatory Full
7' 4

The Gulfstream 350 is the next in line of business jet after the successful 300.  However, the 350 is more similar in interior features, aerodynamic design and advanced cockpit to its superior counterpart, the Gulfstream 450.  The only difference between the jets is range: the 350’s range is 3,797 nautical miles while the 450’s is 4,349 nm.

The G350 is fitted with the Honeywell Primus Epic avionics suite.  The highly advanced PlaneView cockpit of the 450 is also found in the Gulfstream 350.  It is comprised of four liquid crystal displays and the first Gulfstream Enhanced Vision System (EVS) with Honeywell 2020 Heads Up Display (HUD).  With these advancements, pilots have greater situational awareness and safety.

The G350 employs two Rolls Royce Tay Mark 611-8C engines.  Each engine produces 13,850 lbs of thrust.  With this amount of power, the jet climbs to 37,000 feet in 15 minutes, one minute faster than the 300.  Its certified flight ceiling is 45,000 feet.

Sharing its frame design with the 450 and the ultra-long range 550, the G350 is constructed of light alloy and advanced carbon composite.  The aircraft also includes winglets, a longer fuselage than its predecessor, and a flight deck and nose section only seen on superior aircraft.

The G350’s cabin is extremely spacious and includes many standard features compared to its midsized business jet peers.  Cabin measurements are 6.2 ft high, 7.4 ft wide and 45.1 ft from front to back, seating 12-16 passengers in a typical configuration.  The cabin is pressurized and fully customizable with options including showers, a stateroom, galleys, entertainment centers, and flat screen monitors.  The interior is usually divided into three, temperature controlled zones with 12 heated oval windows in all.

The Gulfstream 350 is one of the best performing and most accommodating midsize business jets in its class.  Although it belongs in the smaller class of jets, many of its design features come directly from the larger, better performing aircraft such as the 450 and 550.  Its fully-loaded cabin doesn’t hurt either.