Shorts 360 Charter

Shorts 360 Charter Shorts 360 Rental
70' 8

Shorts 360

Number of Seats 1-36 Shorts 360 Cabin
6' 4
Range 915
Endurance 5 hrs 43 mins
Cruise Speed 160 mph
Baggage Capacity 267 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 36' 2
Lavatory Full
6' 4

The Shorts 360 is a twin-engine, propeller-driven commuter plane with large freight capacity.

Built by Shorts Brothers in Northern Ireland in the early 1980s, the 360 found success as a regional airline with its ability to comfortably operate from 1,400 (4,500ft) meter long runways. Its ease of service and maintainability has made it one of the most reliable commuter planes in service.

The PT6A turboprops on the Shorts 360 make it one of the quietest turboprop aircrafts operating today. Its efficient reduction gearbox permits the propellers to revolve more slowly and therefore more quietly.