Piper Cheyenne IIIA Charter

Piper Cheyenne IIIA Charter Piper Cheyenne IIIA Rental
43' 5

Piper Cheyenne IIIA

Number of Seats 6-9 Piper Cheyenne IIIA Cabin
4' 4
Range 1722
Endurance 5 hrs 59 mins
Cruise Speed 288 mph
Baggage Capacity 58 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 16' 4
Lavatory None
4' 2

Piper Aircraft designed the twin turboprop PA-42 Cheyenne III to go head-to-head with Beechcraft's ubiquitous King Air. And on paper, it looked like a winner: cheaper and faster than the Beechcraft, the Cheyenne was also easier to maintain.

With a single pilot and four passengers, the aircraft has a range of 1,300 nautical miles (with 230-mile reserve). With seats full and 300 pounds of baggage, the airplane can still take on almost 300 gallons of fuel, giving it a range of 600 to 700 nautical miles with reserves. It is certified for single-pilot operation and almost all owners fly it this way. Also private travelers appreciate the advantages of the Cheyenne IIIA, such as the perfect performance feature of starting and landing on short runways.

This propeller aircraft is provided with a pressure cabin, which suppresses the engine noise in the cabin additionally and therefore allows meetings during the flight without any difficulty. Speed, flexibility and absolute economy are some of the strengths of this aircraft – thanks to the latest technology the Cheyenne IIIA has been one of the most popular types of its category for a long time.