MD-11 Charter

MD-11 Charter MD-11 Rental
202' 2


Number of Seats 409 MD-11 Cabin
Range 6000
Endurance 12 hrs 30 mins
Cruise Speed 480 mph
Baggage Capacity 222 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 152.6'
Lavatory Full

The McDonnell Douglas MD 11 is an older aircraft with two wing mounted engines and one rear mounted engine. Although older, this aircraft is preferred by many passengers because it is somewhat more spacious than more recent aircraft, especially in the World Business Class cabin.

Personal Audio Visual on Demand (AVOD) is available on this aircraft with an extensive selection of audio programming in multiple languages.

The MD-11 is available in four models -- passenger, all freighter, convertible freighter and "combi", where passengers and freight are carried on the main deck with additional freight carried below the deck. An extended range (ER) feature is available on all versions. A wide variety of interior configurations is available. Seating capacities on the standard airplane vary from 233 in a three-class arrangement to 410 in an all-economy setup. Below the main deck, the MD-11 provides more space for containerized or palletized cargo after passenger bags are loaded than any other airliner.