MD-83 Charter

MD-83 Charter MD-83 Rental
147' 8


Number of Seats 44-172 MD-83 Cabin
6' 9
Range 2504
Endurance 5 hrs 41 mins
Cruise Speed 440 mph
Baggage Capacity 1103 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 101'
Lavatory Full
10' 1

This is a medium-haul passenger aircraft developed by the American company McDonnell Douglas. To develop the MD-83 McDonnell Douglas company started in January 1983. From the previous versions it differs in increased takeoff weight and greater fuel capacity which required strengthening the wing and fuselage skin, installing new landing gear and gain longitudinal beams cabin floor. The first aircraft’s flight tests began December 17, 1984 and in November was the first aircraft delivered. Originally supplied with aircraft takeoff weight of 67.8 tons, and later on was certified with a takeoff weight of 72.6 tons

The aircraft is equipped with a conventional avionics electromechanical means meter.