Cessna 400 Charter

Cessna 400 Charter Cessna 400 Rental
25' 2

Cessna 400

Number of Seats 2-4 Cessna 400 Cabin
4' 9
Range 1148
Endurance 6 hrs 25 mins
Cruise Speed 179 mph
Baggage Capacity 27 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 13' 96
Lavatory None
5' 0

The Columbia 350 transformed its predecessor into an all-electric airplane, replacing gyro-driven systems with dual redundant electrical systems to power an all glass cockpit. Dual turbocharging was added in 2004, creating the Columbia 400.

There's no fooling Mother Nature. To go fast, you have to give up something — usually cabin size or parasitic drag. But when cruising in a Lancair Columbia 400 at speeds of more than 230 knots in a wide, comfortable cabin with the landing gear hanging in the breeze, it sure seems as if Lancair has at least bent the laws of aerodynamics if not broken them outright.