JetStar II Charter

JetStar II Charter JetStar II Rental
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JetStar II

Number of Seats 8-9 JetStar II Cabin
6' 1
Range 2500
Endurance 5 hrs 37 mins
Cruise Speed 445 mph
Baggage Capacity 105 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 28' 2
Lavatory Full
6' 2

The four engined JetStar was initially designed as a private venture but was also selected to fulfil a US Air Force requirement for a multi engined light transport and crew trainer.

The first JetStar II flew on August 18 1976, with certification following in December that year. The II remained in production until 1979.

Over time, the JetStar became legend. It is probably the only executive jet with a valid claim to having flown several sitting US Presidents. A variant called VC-140B was used by the USAF as VIP transport, and six of the aircraft regularly flew US Presidents Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan. Johnson in particular liked the JetStar, and often used it for trips to his Texas ranch, where one of them is on display today. Every time a President was on board, the JetStar became the smallest Air Force One on record.