DHC-3 Otter Charter

DHC-3 Otter Charter DHC-3 Otter Rental
41' 10

DHC-3 Otter

Number of Seats 9 DHC-3 Otter Cabin
4' 11
Range 822
Endurance 4 hrs 13 mins
Cruise Speed 195 mph
Baggage Capacity 70 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 16' 5
Lavatory Partial
5' 2


  • A single-engine utility aircraft with the same capabilities of the DHC Beaver but twice the size, hence its original name, "King Beaver"
  • Designed in 1950
  • Used for search-and-rescue operations and to develop water-bombing techniques for fighting forest fires
  • Flown during the first overland crossing of Antarctica, in 1957
  • One of several de Havilland Canada aircraft named after North American wildlife
  • A short-take-off-and-landing (STOL) aircraft (requires minimal space to take off and touch down on land, water or snow), along with de Havilland Canada's Beaver, Caribou, Buffalo, Twin Otter and Dash 7
  • Predecessor of the Twin Otter, a larger aircraft with a greater load-carrying capacity and two engines