Falcon 20/200 Charter

Falcon 20/200 Charter Falcon 20/200 Rental
56' 3

Falcon 20/200

Number of Seats 1-10 Falcon 20/200 Cabin
5' 8
Range 2510
Endurance 6 hrs 12 mins
Cruise Speed 440 mph
Baggage Capacity 70 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 24' 4
Lavatory Full
6' 1

The Dassault Falcon 20 is a French business jet and was the first of a family of business jets built by Dassault Aviation.

Some Falcon 20s powered by General Electric CF700 engines were re-engined with Garrett TFE731 engines. These aircraft were redesignated with a "-5" after the model number. Volpar, Inc

The improved Falcon 200 features more advanced jet engines and other major improvements to increase range, capacity and comfort. The aircraft proved to be so popular that production did not end until 1988, being superseded by more advanced developments of the Falcon family. The United States Coast Guard operates a model called the HU-25 Guardian which is used as a high-speed spotter aircraft to locate shipwreck survivors, direct slower-moving aircraft, rescue vessels, interdict aerial and ship borne drug trafficking. The Falcon 20G, HU-25 and Falcon 200 were powered by Garrett ATF3 engines.