Falcon 2000LX Charter

Falcon 2000LX Charter Falcon 2000LX Rental
66' 4

Falcon 2000LX

Number of Seats 6-14 Falcon 2000LX Cabin
6' 2
Range 4000
Endurance 8 hrs 31 mins
Cruise Speed 470 mph
Baggage Capacity 131 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 26' 2
Lavatory Full
7' 8

The interior of the 2000LX is everything you’ve come to expect from a Falcon. And more. Because now Dessault has trimmed another two decibels from one of aviation’s quietest cabins.

Dessault have also added FalconCabin HD+, the newest version of the elegant, intuitive cabin management and entertainment system. FalconCabin HD+ introduces audio/video on demand and a greater level of connectivity with the devices you use every day.

The system provides high definition viewing on monitors measuring up to 22 inches and functions that can be controlled anywhere in the aircraft via an iPod Touch or iPhone. A special application allows passengers to access video playback, operate optional electronic window shades and adjust lights and temperature and other cabin parameters to their liking.