Saab 2000 Charter

Saab 2000 Charter Saab 2000 Rental
89' 6

Saab 2000

Number of Seats 30-50 Saab 2000 Cabin
6' 0
Range 1549
Endurance 4 hrs 50 mins
Cruise Speed 321 mph
Baggage Capacity 570 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 54' 9
Lavatory Full
7' 1

The Saab 2000 is designed to carry from 50 to 58 passengers in unusually quiet comfort and at speeds up to 450 miles per hour. The aircraft is called the "next generation" regional airliner and is produced by Saab Aircraft AB based in Linkoping (pronounced Linchirping), Sweden.

The new regional airliner's high speed and long range offers airline and corporate customers better operating economics than regional jets or conventional turboprops, thus making the Saab 2000 the most unique aircraft in its class. Other impressive features include rapid rates of climb to 31,000 feet, outstanding maneuverability and enhanced airfield performance

The Saab 2000 MPA is a highly capable, long-range Maritime Patrol Aircraft, it provides a dedicated platform for maritime patrol missions.