Airbus A318 Charter

Airbus A318  Charter Airbus A318  Rental

Airbus A318

Number of Seats 1-117 Airbus A318  Cabin
7' 4
Range 3542
Endurance 6 hrs 53 mins
Cruise Speed 514 mph
Baggage Capacity 749 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 70' 2
Lavatory Full
12' 1
The ACJ318 offers a selection of seating arrangements and options. Outfitted in partnership with Lufthansa Technik with an exclusive cabin optimised for private and business use as well as VIP Charter.

Airbus corporate jets in production today feature a common cockpit, with the same layout of instruments and controls, plus similar handling qualities and procedures – making it easier for pilots to transition from one type to another, while saving time and money.

These cockpits feature fly-by-wire controls and protection that are the new industry standard, as well as side-stick controllers for fingertip manoeuvrability. These side-stick controllers also enable pull-out tables, making it easier to complete paperwork or eat a meal.

Airbus corporate jets were the first to introduce fly-by-wire controls in a business jet, and remain the only family that features this new standard in every aircraft in production today. Airbus’s common cockpits continue to evolve to embrace new technologies such as liquid crystal displays (LCDs) instead of cathode ray tubes (CRTs), while maintaining their commonality, providing pilots with a modern and comfortable working environment.

Airbus corporate jets also feature more navigation aids as standard, including satellite navigation, and are the only aircraft certificated from the start for Category 3B autoland capability, allowing them to land at suitably-equipped airports when others have to go elsewhere.