McDonnel Douglas DC-9 Charter

McDonnel Douglas DC-9 Charter McDonnel Douglas DC-9 Rental
133' 7

McDonnel Douglas DC-9

Number of Seats 1-150 McDonnel Douglas DC-9 Cabin
6' 9
Range 1500
Endurance 3 hrs 4 mins
Cruise Speed 490 mph
Baggage Capacity 680 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 118' 5
Lavatory Full
10' 3

The McDonnell Douglas DC-9 is a twin engine turbofan, short to medium range jetliner. It is capable of serving smaller communities with shorter runways and a minimum of ground equipment for short 20 to 30 minute turnaround times.

The aircraft is air-conditioned and pressurized for comfort up to 35,000 feet. A passenger forward entrance retractable stair is provided along with an onboard auxiliary power unit (APU) gas turbine engine for standalone electrical power, air-conditioning and engine start on the ground as well as backup electrical power in-flight. This, along with capability to manually load baggage into the cargo compartments without any equipment, makes this aircraft ideal for smaller station operations and charters.