Fokker 100 Charter

Fokker 100 Charter Fokker 100 Rental
116' 5

Fokker 100

Number of Seats 100-109 Fokker 100 Cabin
6' 6
Range 1450
Endurance 3 hrs 9 mins
Cruise Speed 460 mph
Baggage Capacity 410 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 82' 1
Lavatory Full
10' 1

The Fokker 100 aircraft is currently in operation around the world serving over forty, mainly regional, airlines. Fleet leaders have flown more than 50,000 flying hours. Continuous product improvements are made by Fokker Services based on operator experience and any new regulations. The Fokker 100 fleet is relatively young. With a design life of 90,000 flying hours or landings the average age is only around 35,000 flying hours or 30,000 landings. Product improvements are continuously introduced by Fokker Services based on operator experience, demands and/or new regulations.

With this very recent aircraft whose interior will be specially fitted for your personal tastes, you can take up to 35 passengers in true 1rst class comfort including leather armchairs. A must for VIP’s who would like to travel together in total confidentiality and without the hassles of a regular airline.