Boeing 767-200 Charter

Boeing 767-200 Charter Boeing 767-200 Rental
153' 2

Boeing 767-200

Number of Seats 198-235 Boeing 767-200 Cabin
7' 4
Range 1900
Endurance 3 hrs 20 mins
Cruise Speed 570 mph
Baggage Capacity 1128 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 111' 2
Lavatory Full
12' 3

The Boeing 757 and 767 were the first, and still are, the only airplanes to share a common type

rating. The common type rating is due, in part, to airplane systems that are designed such that a

common set of flight crew operating procedures can be used. Airlines that operate both

the Boeing 757 and 767 have greater flexibility in assigning flight crews and adapting to changing

markets. They also benefit from similar maintenance procedures, manuals and inspection

requirements and reduced spares inventories. More than 26 airlines around the world operate both

757s and 767s


-The Boeing 767-200 airliner can handle a transcontinental flight or an international destination.

-The Boeing 767-200 has made more Atlantic crossings than any other aircraft. The

ER extended range version can fly almost 16 hours non-stop.