Citation Excel Charter

Citation Excel Charter Citation Excel Rental
51' 10

Citation Excel

Number of Seats 4-9 Citation Excel Cabin
5' 7
Range 2080
Endurance 4 hrs 57 mins
Cruise Speed 420 mph
Baggage Capacity 79 cu. ft.
Cabin Length 18' 6
Lavatory Full
5' 5

Anyone familiar with the private jet industry knows about Cessna’s line of Citation business jets: economic, high-performing, comfortable private jets that consistently stand out in the market.  The Citation 1 is the original, turbo-fan-powered business jet in, what has come to be, the successful Citation family.  The entry-level Citation, after many changes and developments, penetrated the market in 1977 due to its ability to operate out of short airfields and at modest speeds, all at a low cost.

Initial changes to the design of the Citation 1 included thrust reversers, a longer wingspan (47.1 ft.) and higher operating weights, and were conducted in the last stages of development to ensure maximum competition with other similar jets of its time.  Two Pratt & Whitney of Canada JT15D-1/A/B turbofan engines were chosen for the Citation 1.

In short, Cessna’s original Citation offered unprecedented performance, when there was a definite need for a good, entry-level business jet.  Between 1971 and 1985, over 690 of the highly-popular Citation 1’s and Citation 1 S/P’s were built.